Executive Director


He  is executive director on iCHAT and one of the founders of iCHAT. Ongoing and superior qualification at Pristina University- Department of Political Science and Public Administration.He  won twice a scholarship  at the University of Prishtina and has successfully completed the Master at the Faculty of Law, International Legal Science Department. Add to this the maximization of experience and knowledge in various managerial areas ,including general management, leadership, strategic management, project management, quality management, human resources management, investment management, sales and marketing, communication, etc., have made him skillful in terms of leadership and general ,institutional and organizational management. Besides continuing professional qualification in the field of management and leadership, B. Kokollarri is seasoned serving and accumulating an ongoing experience in the field of management and leadership within the non-governmental organizations, the organization of the Red Cross of Kosovo, private businesses ,whether  serving as interior personnel or on top of them ,within the management of various developmental and functional projects as:Youth Coordinator of the Kosovo Red Cross . For 3 years he has been the coordinator of the Youth Red Cross of Kosovo where he held many seminars, trainings and implementation of various projects; Member of the governing board and personal counselor  of  the Chairman of ASSHP’s, as the Association of students at the University of Pristina.


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International Consultant

Astrit Tafolli is an international consultant for iCHAT.  He has a master from Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, Illinois, the USA) in Public Administration and another master from University of Pristina (Kosovo) in English Literature. He has worked as an English language teacher for more than seven years in private and public schools in Kosovo and China (online).

He has volunteered in different NGOs in Pristina, Kosovo. In a volunteer role, Astrit also served as a member and a trainer in Kosovo Club Debate (December 2010- June 2014) where he taught British Parliamentary Debate Format to students from different universities and including different communities living in Kosovo (like Turkish, Serbs, Bosnian, and Gorani). He is also a founder member of iCHAT.

Astrit has also volunteered as an intern for Ward 43 in Chicago and for Kurth Lampe Worldwide also in Chicago in summer 2016.

His work experience and studies have sharpened Astrit’s leadership and communication skills. He has strong leadership and organizational skills. He is excellent in working in teams. He is very good in creating and keeping deadlines.

Astrit is dedicated to serving different communities around the world for a better future.


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Albane has studied Psychology at University of Pristina . Albana is an expert concerning communication skills and to build interpersonal relationships. She has experience in education field ,researches ,and is trained in preparing project proposals . Also she she possesses skills in management and coordination  during the implementation of projects . Albana is a Project Coordinator at iCHAT Institute .


Erëblina AJAZI

Coordinator of communication

Miss Ajazi was born and raised in Prishtina. Currently she is attending University of Prishtina,studying for Journalism field, in the second year, and also showing very good communicating and coordinating skills among many other activities she is involved.At her younger age she has also been a member of Red Cross Kosova, leading many charity projects and trainings in Prishtina. She has shown us about her pottencial to learn more everyday and develop knowledge as well. She is very hard workng and creative person in general, and very good at interaction with people. She is a part of iChat staff as a project coordinator-Communication officer, which has been active until now by informing every participant with information needed, and will continue giving her contribute in this position.


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